Whatever the Weather

your garden grows

  • A happy garden

    Even if the weather stays mild, your garden will thank you for taking this course and making these changes which will lead to a healthier, happier garden.

  • Prepared for drought

    Drought is a terrible word for gardeners, but not for you, knowing you have created a resilient garden that will cope with dry weather.

  • Make the most of the wet

    No more boggy patches every time it rains. Create a garden that thrives and grows when the weather is wet, and which even bounces back after flooding.

  • Happy gardener

    Relax! You now know how to make your garden happy and resilient. A resilient garden needs so much less care and effort to thrive and reward you. Happy garden = happy gardener!

A resilient garden is waiting for you

The climate may change, but your garden will grow and thrive.