Do I really need a course to get started gardening?

this may sound a little familiar....

“I need help, my hedge is sick. I have done everything I was told to, I have watered and fertilised it but it still has yellow leaves. What should I do? Also, my lawn is full of bare patches and I need ideas to give me home street appeal, can you help with that as well?” This is the sort of request I receive regularly. I often then find the client has spent a fortune on plants and products that are completely wrong for their garden. Even professional advice often comes as a guise for selling their own products and ignores important things like soil conditions. Almost always the solution to your gardening problems lies not in more water or fertiliser, but in more understanding of your soil or the conditions in your garden. When I can help you to understand your soil, how to make it “garden-ready”, and how to “read between the lines” on plant labels so that you can buy plants that match the conditions in your garden, things just start working in the garden. Gardening goes from disappointing to rewarding very quickly when you have some good ground work - literally and figuratively!

Social proof: testimonials

“Kate gave us fantastic, practical advice that will allow us to work on our garden step by step. Kate has so much knowledge to share about plant selection, simple methods to create healthy soil, and great garden design. Kate has given us the confidence to start creating a garden that’s right for us.”


“I highly recommend this course, especially if you’re a beginner like me. Kate has a great way of explaining the principles of successful gardening. Once you know, it’s pretty easy to read your own garden and know how to make it all work and thrive.”


Will this course turn me into a gardener?

At the end of this course you will be able to :

  • Create fabulous soil that plants want to grow in;

  • Choose plants that will thrive in your garden;

  • Know when and how much to fertilise and water;

  • Manage and reduce any chance of pests and weeds;

  • Prune plants like a pro;

  • Turn a drab lawn into a lush green space;

  • Grow a glorious garden!


Kate Wall

Gardening Coach

Kate is a highly regarded and awarded horticulturalist and gardening author who works with gardeners of all experience levels to bring their gardening dreams to life. Kate's focus is not just creating great gardens, it is on creating great gardeners who get great pleasure from their gardens, without having to learn it all the hard way. Kate's passion for creating great gardeners has seen her develop a dedicated following and win awards for her efforts to support other gardeners during difficult times. Kate believes that everyone can enjoy the pleasure of gardening, with just a little help to know what to do. You can find more info about Kate's gardening books on her website,


Stop wasting money on plants that die and get the garden you really want - and get it to stay alive and thrive!

Turn your black thumbs green

with the help of your own online gardening coach - two years of all your gardening questions answered.


  • How long do I have to complete the course?

    The course is self-paced, meaning you can hop in and out to suit yourself. You have 2 years access, allowing you to put what you have learnt into action, then come and review the material, or ask more questions as your garden grows. This means you have 2 years to ask as many gardening questions as you want to and have them answered by an expert within this course!

  • Will this course stop my plants from dying?

    Well, maybe not all of them, but you will certainly keep a lot more of them alive than you have been! There are never guarantees with living things such as plants, even the experts lose plants sometimes, but a good understanding of the basics will save A LOT of plant deaths.

  • I've already started my garden, is it too late to do this course?

    Never. Even if you have already created a garden bed and already put plants in, it is very much worthwhile learning more about how best to care for those plants, and how to go back and improve the soil, even with plants growing in it.

  • I've just moved and my new garden is not working the way my old one did

    You may have moved down the road, or interstate, but the conditions in your new garden are not the same as your old garden. This course will help you understand how to adjust what you already know to those new conditions.

  • I'm not a beginner gardener

    that's ok, we can always learn more! This course is already helping lots of gardeners to "level up" their garden, taking a garden that is good to a garden that is great.

  • I've just bought my first home, I don't know how to start a garden

    You are in the right place! Start at the beginning, which is with learning the basics that will then carry you through a lifetime of joy in the garden. Everything you need to know to get started is right here in this course!