Course curriculum

    1. My Top 5 Gardening Tips

    2. chemical vs organic vs sustainable

    1. Climate and Microclimate

    2. What soil do I have?

    3. Worksheet - understanding my garden

    1. how to improve any soil to make it great for gardening

    2. ways to compost

    1. choosing plants

    2. Planting the Garden

    1. Plant Care - Fertilising

    2. Plant Care - Pruning

    3. Plant Care - Pests and Diseases

    1. Garden Care - Mulching

    2. Garden Care - Watering

    3. Garden Care - Weeding

    4. Garden Care - Lawns

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Turn your black thumbs green

and make gardening easy.


Kate Wall

Consulting Gardener

Kate is a highly regarded and awarded horticulturalist and gardening author who works with gardeners of all experience levels to bring their gardening dreams to life. Kate's focus is not just creating great gardens, it is on educating gardeners so that they are able to get great results in their own gardens without huge amounts of work, and without wasting effort and money on garden mistakes. You can find more info about Kate's gardening books on her website,